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Using machine-learning tools to analyze 46,000 earthquakes at The Geysers geothermal field in California, researchers discovered patterns that correspond to water-injection flows, suggesting a link to the mechanical processes that produce earthquakes. (Photo credit: Stepheng3)

Using Machine learning tools to gain new insights from Earthquake data

Scientists at the Columbia University have discovered a totally new way to study earthquakes. They picked out different types of earthquakes from three years using...
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Experimental immunotherapy for eye cancer improves survival in early trials

In a small trial of patients with advanced metastatic uveal melanoma, Columbia scientists performed an experimental immunotherapy IMCgp100 and found that it could increase...
A neural stem cell in the brain. Image: Maura Boldrini / Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Old brains can make new neurons, study finds

A new research by the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons suggests that human brain makes new neurons throughout life. Scientists were able to...
Utpal Pajvani and KyeongJin Kim found that inhibiting gamma secretase in the liver reduces plasma triglyceride levels.

A novel approach to lowering high triglycerides

Triglycerides are fats that cells use as fuel. They are transported to cells by means of the circulatory system, however, when triglyceride levels are...
Co-authors Rebecca Schnall, PhD, and Nancy Reame, PhD, share the distinction of having received an endowed chair established by Mary Dickey Lindsay ’45, an inspirational leader in women’s health advocacy and reproductive rights.

Women with HIV Experience More Fatigue, Muscle Aches After Menopause

Advancements in treatment during recent decades, HIV has largely become a chronic condition. This implies a more prominent level of individuals with HIV are living longer;...
Heart in baby's crib. (child care concept)

Kids from low-income areas fare worse after heart surgery, finds study

A national study upon more than 86,000 kids with congenital heart disease have investigated that children from low-income neighborhoods had a higher mortality rate and...
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UV Light can fight the Spread of Influenza, Study

Nonstop low measurements of far bright C (far-UVC) light can execute airborne influenza infections without hurting human tissues, as indicated by another examination at...
Study finds psychiatric medications are not overprescribed for kids

Study finds psychiatric medications are not overprescribed for kids

Researchers envisage the prevailing belief that psychiatric medications are overprescribed in children and adolescents in the U.S. They compared prescribing rates with prevalent for...
Using optogenetics, anxiety cells in the brains of mice light up when the animal is stressed. Source: Lab of Rene Hen, PhD, Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Scientists just discovered the physical source of anxiety cells in the brain

Anxiety is normal and critical to an animal’s safety. Anxiety is an emotional response to a distant threat—being in an environment that exposes an...