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As deposited NsARC TiO2. (a) Stainless-steel substrate with 10 μm thick coating. (b) Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image of coating surface morphology with mille-feuilles and strobili structures indicated. (c) SEM fracture surface cross-section showing mille-feuilles columns and strobili dendrites both with strong z-orientation. (d) High magnification SEM image of side-view of a mille-feuilles column. (e) Bright field TEM image of a mille-feuilles column, probably rotated 90° relative to (d).

Shape-changing element holds key to anti-bacterial coating

Undoubtedly, TiO2 has received much attention as a possible antimicrobial material due to its well-known photocatalytic activity (PCA) and self-cleaning properties. It is used in sunscreens...
Dr. Jaime C. Grunlan. Credit: Texas A&M University College of Engineering

Developing a new kind of flame-retardant coating

Scientists at Texas A&M University are developing a fire-retardant coating using renewable, nontoxic materials readily found in nature. It could potentially reduce the flammability of...
Car with scratch

The Self-healing Coating to wipe out scratches and cracks

When we think about the materials ability to persist scratch, scrap and crack the very first thing that comes in our mind materials’ toughness....