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How plants breathe and how humans shaped their 'lungs'

How plants breathe and how humans shaped their ‘lungs’

The development of stomata and leaf airspace must be composed to set up a proficient and powerful network that enables gas exchange for photosynthesis....
Professor Xile Hu. © 2019 EPFL / Alain Herzog

Carbon-neutral fuels move a step closer

Currently, the most active electrocatalysts for the conversion of CO2 to CO are gold-based nanomaterials, whereas non–precious metal catalysts have shown low to modest...
CO2 reduction using a photocatalyst combining carbon nitride and an iron complex

New way to reduce CO2 to CO1 with common elements and sunlight

Scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in collaboration with Université PARIS DIDEROT and CRNS have discovered a new method to reduce CO2 to CO1. They...
Environmental scientists testing carbon dioxide abatement are using underground basalt flows to contain and convert the gas to an inert mineral. A new series of experiments conducted at Washington University give a new, precise look at the process. (Photo: Joe Angeles/Washington University)

Study sheds light on what happens underground when CO2 is injected into basalt

At the point when petroleum products are singed, carbon dioxide (CO2) is radiated. As the gas rises and ends up caught in the climate,...