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What forces enable trees to stand upright?

What forces enable trees to stand upright?

To develop straight, plants require a motor system that controls their stance by creating powers to counterbalance gravity. Researchers have long imagined that this...
© D.A. Ivanov and S.S. Sheiko Top – left: molecular structure of a plastomer synthesized in this work; right: supramolecular structure formed by the assembly of identical plastomers. Bottom – left: stress-strain curves for plastomers (“M300-2” and “M300-3”) that mimic the mechanical behavior of pig skin samples (“porcine”, in transversal or longitudinal cross-section); right: image showing the iridescent color of the plastomers. The edges are less blue because they receive the light at a different angle.

Polymers that mimic chameleon skin

Natural tissues have complex mechanical properties – delicate yet-solid, extreme yet-adaptable – that are hard to recreate utilizing engineered materials. A universal group has...