Monday, May 16, 2022


Atomic terahertz-vibrations solve the enigma of ultrashort soliton molecules

These findings may help to develop particularly fast chemically sensitive microscopes.

Imaging a Haber-Bosch catalysis precursor at the atomic scale

The study reveals the fundamental interactions at the onset of correlated complexity that defines alkali atom promotion of catalytic chemistry.

Fluidic device finds novel way to make oil and water attract

Imagine making some liquids mix that do not mix, then unmixing them. In one of the grand challenges of science, a Flinders University device which...

Smart coatings in the pipeline made from waste chemicals

An imaginative approach to polymer surface coating has produced a sustainable way to remove mercury from water – while providing a wide range of...

Nano-chocolates that store hydrogen

An innovative approach could turn nanoparticles into simple reservoirs for storing Hydrogen.

Ozone depletion due to release of iodine dust

Iodine in Desert Dust Destroys Ozone.

New method to observe electrocatalytic water splitting under operating conditions

Electrocatalysts often show increased conversion at nanoscale chemical or topographic surface inhomogeneities, resulting in spatially heterogeneous reactivity. Identifying reacting species locally with nanometer precision...

Scientist develop inexpensive technology for production of silver nanowires

The importance of nanowires has been steadily increasing in the development of various nano-electronic devices, ranging from conductor inks used in electronic circuit manufacturing...

Database of everyday chemicals harmful to human health

In our daily lives, we get exposed to dozens of chemicals either through products we use or consume as well as through exposure to...

A next-generation plastic that can be recycled again and again

Plastic pollution has increased in the past few decades. No doubt, plastic has a number of valuable uses- we have become addicted to single-use...

Controlling chemical reactions near absolute zero

Chemistry is ubiquitous. Be that as it may, regardless of advances, it remains a key test to pick up an entire understanding and command over...

Solving Complex Chemical Reaction With Quantum Computers

Quantum computers can solve such challenging tasks that are partially the result of the fact that they are structured differently to classical computers. Instead of...

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