Cardiovascular Disease

New signaling pathway unveils atherosclerosis insights

Identification of a way to suppress regulatory T cells, promoting.

New research suggests hybrid exercise cuts heart disease risks

CardioRACE trial investigates cardiovascular risks in overweight adults.

Discovery of primary body temperature regulator

EPAC1 boosts brown fat growth and beige adipogenesis.

Artery calcification is almost twice as common in night owls

The extreme evening chronotype may be linked.

High cholesterol and blood pressure raise lifelong heart disease risk

Even if you subsequently lower your levels.

Statins’ potential to slow dementia sparks more research

Registry-based study on statins and cognitive decline in Alzheimer's.

Workaholics often feel unwell even while working, study

The mood of workaholics is on average worse than that of other people.

Reassessing adolescent fitness impact on future cardiovascular health

Exploring cardiovascular risk in teens: Genes and environment.

Heart disease risk prediction: A decade earlier

AHA's scientific statement on novel equations for cardiovascular risk.

Problems with the menstrual cycle may raise a woman’s risk of cardiovascular disease

Two reproductive health conditions common in women are each associated with increasing cardiovascular disease risk.

Choosing heart-healthy foods with mindfulness

Improving interoception and DASH diet compliance with mindfulness.

Ultrathin, gel-free ECG sensor offers more comfort, less skin irritation

A novel wearable heart monitor ticks all the boxes for better healthcare.

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