Cardiovascular Disease

Stress and high efforts, low reward increase men’s heart disease risk

The double risk of job strain and effort-reward imbalance explained.

Chemicals in plastics: A risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

NIEHS grant fuels research into chemical exposure's role in atherosclerosis development.

Protein found to protect females from obesity

Mouse study reveals sex differences in obesity mechanisms.

Airplane noise linked to increased heart health hospitalizations

Research explores cardiovascular hospitalizations and deaths near Heathrow airport.

Self-testing helps underprivileged individuals better regulate their hypertension

Home blood pressure monitoring saves lives, lowers costs, and resolves disparities in healthcare.

Black Americans may face relatively accelerated biological aging due to lower socioeconomic status

Eliminating the racial gaps in education, income, and wealth would alleviate weathering.

Exercise may cause strokes in blocked arteries

Heart rate increases plaque in blocked carotid arteries, affecting brain flow.

Stroke risk higher in people with inflammatory bowel disease

Population-based study of stroke risk in IBD patients.

Juice concentrate from japanese fruit benefits cardiovascular health

Processed juice concentrate has anti-hypertensive effects in mice.

Heat-damaged DNA in high-temperature cooked food can cause cancer

Food DNA could be a source of genetic harm in our diets.

Wearable devices are less likely to be used by patients with cardiovascular disease

Few people with or at risk of CVD use wearable devices consistently.

Estrogen ingested in pill form may increase the risk of high blood pressure

The type of estrogen-based menopausal hormone therapy had varying impacts on developing high blood pressure.

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