Carbon monoxide

Supermassive black holes have a significant impact on galactic chemistry

This provides another piece of the puzzle for understanding how galaxies evolve.

NASA successfully extract oxygen from a lunar soil model

This was the first time that this extraction has been done in a vacuum environment.

A new mechanism for efficient conversion of carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide

Scientists designed new molecules, innovating a new pathway for CO2 conversion.

A new strategy using carbon oxide gas to boost photothermal therapy

A new strategy using carbon oxide gas inhibits heat shock proteins (HSPs) expression.

Copper catalysts work better when they gain and lose oxygen atoms

The secret to renewable solar fuels Is an off-and-on again relationship.

Carbon-neutral fuels move a step closer

Currently, the most active electrocatalysts for the conversion of CO2 to CO are gold-based nanomaterials, whereas non–precious metal catalysts have shown low to modest...

Technique developed to produce graphene from discarded dry cell batteries

A group of researchers at Nagpur-based Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology have developed a new technique which promises to help produce high-value graphene from...

New catalyst turns pollutant into fuel

Haotian Wang, Assistant professor at Rice University has an efficient plan to convert the greenhouse gas into useful products in a greenway. Along with his...

Identifying carbon monoxide in body could lead to rapid disease diagnostics

Carbon monoxide is normally considered as toxic for the human body. It is actually produced in our bodies in small amounts that also act...

A Method to Convert Carbon Dioxide Emissions into Fuel

MIT scientists have recently developed a novel method that could potentially convert carbon dioxide emissions into useful fuels for vehicles. They have developed a new...

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