Friday, March 31, 2023

Cancer Treatment

Introducing bacteria to a tumor’s microenvironment converts immune cells to cancer killers

The research could lead to better treatments for people with advanced or previously untreatable cancers.

Study offers a more effective way to predict kidney cancer’s risk

Genes reveal kidney cancer’s risk of recurrence.

A new technique helps people with breast cancer select the best treatment

The cell-based method has been tested on patients with promising results.

A novel approach to target enhancer-addicted cancers

Potential treatment approach for over 90% of prostate cancers.

New immunotherapy method turns active particularly in tumor

A chemical method for targeting the effects of cancer-fighting immunotherapy drugs.

Scientists identified a unique characteristic of the resistant cancer cells

A new way to target resistant cancer.

Scientists find pomegranate husk can prevent breast cancer

Pomegranate has a recorded history of medicinal properties, which can be attributed to the presence of a large number of phytochemicals present in it....

Statins could lower the risk of women developing ovarian cancer

A new method for cancer prevention.

Way paved to diagnose oral cancer metastasis better

A team of researchers headed by Dr. Partha Majumder of the Department of Biotechnology’s National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (NIBMG), Kalyani, West Bengal has...

New CURATE.AI platform to successfully treat metastatic cancer patient

Scientists at the National University of Singapore have recently developed CURATE.AI, a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) platform, to successfully treat a patient with advanced cancer,...

Newly discovered drugs could help tackle treatment-resistant cancers

Scientists at the Imperial College London have found another class of medication that can possibly help disease patients who never again react to existing...

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