Cancer Treatment

Potent anti-leukemia approach: Making immunotherapy safe for AML

Eliminating the leukemia, sparing healthy cells.

Kencur ginger possesses anti-cancer effects; study

A Southeast Asian ginger, could be a potential component for new anti-cancer markers.

Nanoparticles stimulate an immune response against tumors without side effects

Immunostimulatory drugs slow tumor growth without producing systemic inflammation.

Introducing bacteria to a tumor’s microenvironment converts immune cells to cancer killers

The research could lead to better treatments for people with advanced or previously untreatable cancers.

Study offers a more effective way to predict kidney cancer’s risk

Genes reveal kidney cancer’s risk of recurrence.

A new technique helps people with breast cancer select the best treatment

The cell-based method has been tested on patients with promising results.

Scientists created hairpins using artificial DNA to target and kill cancer cells

Artificial DNA kills cancer.

A novel approach to target enhancer-addicted cancers

Potential treatment approach for over 90% of prostate cancers.

New immunotherapy method turns active particularly in tumor

A chemical method for targeting the effects of cancer-fighting immunotherapy drugs.

Scientists identified a unique characteristic of the resistant cancer cells

A new way to target resistant cancer.

Scientists find pomegranate husk can prevent breast cancer

Pomegranate has a recorded history of medicinal properties, which can be attributed to the presence of a large number of phytochemicals present in it....

Statins could lower the risk of women developing ovarian cancer

A new method for cancer prevention.

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