Cancer cells

Study explores future prospects for home-based cancer treatment

Exploring if giving atezolizumab under the skin and remote monitoring can alter cancer treatment.

How cells are ahead of the curve?

Cells prefer certain curvatures over others.

Micro- and nanoplastics transferred during cell division

Microplastics affect cell migration and distribution in cancer division.

Nanosurgical tool may unlock cancer breakthrough

Single-cell nanobiopsy allows long-term tracking of cancer cell gene activity.

Immune system evasion by early-stage cancer cells

SOX17 enables early colorectal adenomas and cancers.

New tool improves early cancer detection

Integrating single-cell DNA and RNA for tumor analysis.

New plant protein fold discovery offers hope for anti-cancer drugs

Intramolecular macrocyclase identified in plant peptide biosynthesis.

Study reveals how cancer cells use certain proteins to shield themselves

Exposing hiding lymphoma cells to the immune system.

Harnessing cancer’s power to fight it

Enhanced T cell therapies via natural mutations.

Chip detects lung cancer treatment efficacy from blood draw

Circulating tumor cells predict progression in stage III NSCLC patients.

A non-destructive cancer GPS for evaluating the malignancy grade

A water-soluble, luminescent europium complex.

Improving blood tests’ ability to detect and monitor cancer

The advance makes it easier to detect circulating tumor DNA in blood samples.

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