Using existing bus-mounted cameras to monitor traffic conditions

Study taps into AI to improve future road planning.

Glasses with AI can read a silent speech

Acoustic sensing enables silent speech recognition without eyewear.

A new Traffic cop algorithm helps drones stay on task

he system could help robots inspect buildings or search disaster zones.

Flat, pancake-sized metalens image the lunar surface

First ultrathin, compact metalens telescope capable of imaging far-away objects.

A low-cost terahertz camera

The device provides greater sensitivity and speed than previous versions.

New battery-free, wireless underwater camera to explore unknown regions of the ocean

The device could help scientists track pollution, or monitor the effects of climate change.

Improving the way computers recognize hand gestures

For efficient edge computing

New technology allows cameras to capture colors that are unable to perceive

It has groundbreaking applications in a variety of fields from computer gaming and photography.

New cost-efficient and high-resolution multispectral camera

Intelligent cameras enhance human perception.

Future camera lenses could be thousands of times thinner and less resource-intensive

Scientists from the Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden have developed a new technology for making the artificial materials known as 'metasurfaces.' The metasurfaces composed...

This new camera may potentially detect extraterrestrial life, dark matter

High-resolution camera made of 1,024 sensors that count single photons, or particles of light.

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