Rare muscle diseases created by lab-grown muscles

Engineered human muscle model shows calcium's role in dysferlinopathy.

New findings on warming-up and muscle performance

Myosin and tropomyosin-troponin's role in muscle heat activation.

Preventing coronary artery disease through gene discoveries

Genome-wide study uncovers coronary artery calcification insights.

First video of Nobel ‘pressure sensors’ in action at Imperial

Precise imaging of piezo1 activity using genEPi across scales.

Plants can sense when something touches them and stops

Even without nerves, plants can sense when something touches them and when it lets go.

How stem cells organize cellular replacements

Stem cells communicate with each other to replace lost cells.

Scientists identified the regulation mechanism of calcium channels

A new clue to the development of substances for treating mental and neurological diseases.

How milk is transported through the mammary network?

A unique collaboration between neuroscience and mammary biology.

Calcium plays a key role in primary root development

Key role for calcium release in root development.

Visualising the flow of calcium that makes the heart beat

Scientists at Oxford University have devised a new method that uses protein originally found in marine corals to uncover the effects of genetic errors...

A Sensor Molecule to Visualize Signals from Brain and Heart

The concentration of calcium in and around cells monitors the key processes in the body. Now, scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in...

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