Brown University

New ultra-sensitive magnetometer to detect magnetic fields

Almost everything around us produces a magnetic field—from our electronic gadgets to our pulsating hearts—and we can utilize those fields to pick...

Scientists take a direct look at how light excites electrons

When a molecule interacts with light, its electrons can absorb energy from the electromagnetic field by rapidly rearranging their positions.

When did the first stars lit up the universe?

Scientists inch closer than ever to signal from cosmic dawn.

Introducing a new state of matter: a Cooper pair metal

Scientists have shown that Cooper pair metal can also conduct electricity with some amount of resistance, like regular metals do.

Ice on moon’s south pole may be much more recent

Information that could help identify the sources of the deposits and help in planning future human exploration.

Researchers store digital images inside molecular thumb drive

Scientists at Brown University have taken a step forward toward storing huge amounts of data in molecular storage systems. The study has shown that...

Research details sticky situations at the nanoscale

In a new study by Brown University, scientists have shown that small differences in the roughness of surfaces can have important effects on how they...

Study unveils molecular details of sperm-egg fusion

In a new study, scientists at the Brown University portrayed the detailed structure of proteins that empower sperm-egg fusion in two unique species: a flowering...

New research hints at insane particles, useful in quantum computing

Scientists at the Brown University have measured Heat conduction in an exotic state of matter that focuses on the presence of weird particles that...

Study offers promising new drug therapy for premature aging disease

A new study by the scientists from the Brown University recommends that a test tranquilize treatment can expand the lives of youngsters with progeria, an...