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Breast cancer

New method to lower breast cancer metastases to brain

Autophagy counteracts brain metastasis in breast cancer and boosts lapatinib.

Targeting tired immune cells to prevent breast cancer

Mapping cellular shifts in the adult human breast.

Virus cancer connection revealed by Cleveland clinic researchers

Kaposi sarcoma herpesvirus triggers a pathway promoting viral persistence and cell growth, leading to tumor formation.

Research pinpoints breast cancer origin cells in at-risk females

Abnormal luminal cells and mTORC1 may prevent breast cancer in BRCA2 mutation carriers.

Soy and plant compounds reduce breast cancer recurrence

Research on breast cancer outcomes and phytonutrients.

Scientists discovered a protein that controls breast cancer’s ability to resist immunotherapy

A better way to predict and improve patient responses.

Licensed drugs could treat secondary brain cancer, new study suggests

A systematic review of genomic landscape and mutations in brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer.

Breast milk liquid biopsy for early breast cancer diagnosis by VHIO

Early detection of breast cancer in breast milk.

Air pollution, breast cancer risk, and the need for political action

Addressing air pollution and breast cancer risk: The political imperative.

A method for better 3D modeling of complex cancers

Scientists combining bioprinting with synthetic chips to understand tumors in 3D.

New insights uncovered: Obesity’s effects on breast cancer

Exploring how obesity influences breast cancer: Research findings

Early breast cancer detection enhanced by a new robot

New device revolutionizes clinical breast examinations (CBE).

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