Sunday, January 29, 2023

Breast cancer

A new technique helps people with breast cancer select the best treatment

The cell-based method has been tested on patients with promising results.

Speeding up bone healing in postmenopausal females

The findings could have implications for the way fractures in women are treated in the future.

Scientists invent transistor helps to detect cancer cell marker

Epidermal growth factor receptor expression in breast cancer cell lines can be detected using a transistor.

Boosting physical activity levels and curbing sitting time are highly likely to lower breast cancer risk

Prompting the scientists to recommend a stronger focus on exercise to ward off breast cancer.

Scientists identify novel molecular biomarkers in cells that spread a deadly form of breast cancer

The study could pave the way for developing new treatments that target such molecular variations.

A potential target for overcoming resistance to breast cancer treatment

Scientists identified a potential target for restoring the efficacy of standard treatment in resistant patients.

Gene that aids sense of smell play a role in spread of breast cancer to the brain

Breast cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed malignancy, just behind lung cancer, and the leading cause of cancer death in women, with more...

Improved breast cancer imaging with AI

The team’s AI analysis is believed to be the largest of its kind.

Scientists developed a model for a peculiar type of breast cancer

The work will open up the previously inaccessible studies of the tumor’s biology and help discover new therapies.

New testing platform for breast cancer cells

A novel testing platform to evaluate how breast cancer cells respond to the recurrent stretching.

Honeybee venom found to kill aggressive breast cancer cells

The venom is extremely potent.

Unusual four-stranded configuration of DNA plays a vital role in breast cancer

Providing a potential new target for personalized medicine.

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