Breast cancer

Licensed drugs could treat secondary brain cancer, new study suggests

A systematic review of genomic landscape and mutations in brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer.

Breast milk liquid biopsy for early breast cancer diagnosis by VHIO

Early detection of breast cancer in breast milk.

Air pollution, breast cancer risk, and the need for political action

Addressing air pollution and breast cancer risk: The political imperative.

A method for better 3D modeling of complex cancers

Scientists combining bioprinting with synthetic chips to understand tumors in 3D.

New insights uncovered: Obesity’s effects on breast cancer

Exploring how obesity influences breast cancer: Research findings

Early breast cancer detection enhanced by a new robot

New device revolutionizes clinical breast examinations (CBE).

Disparities in palliative care for breast cancer patients

Racial and ethnic groups show rising palliative care utilization from 2004 to 2020.

Genetic testing and unnecessary breast surgery in women

Family history's impact on hereditary cancer in the population.

Study reveals how pregnancy impact breast cancer development

Exploring the connection between pregnancy and breast cancer development.

Breast cancer metastasis could stop by Biomedical compound

Scientists discover way to block breast cancer metastasis.

Using 3D X-rays to find breast cancer early

Scientists wants to improve a method for diagnosing breast cancer.

Weight loss medications challenges for breast cancer survivors

Weight loss medications may not work as well for breast cancer survivors.

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