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Breast cancer cell Credit: Anne Weston, Francis Crick Institute

Most comprehensive way yet to predict breast cancer risk

Cambridge scientists have come up with a comprehensive method to predict a woman’s risk of breast cancer. They combined information on family history and other...
Breast cancer Examination

Immunotherapy may offer ray of hope for triple negative breast cancer patients

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide with over two million new cases diagnosed in 2018. There are different types of...
A team led by Associate Professor Alexandre Chan (centre) had developed a novel approach to identify the onset of cancer-related fatigue. With him are two members of the NUS research team, Dr Maung Shwe (left) and Ms Angie Yeo (right).

Researchers demystify cancer-related fatigue in breast cancer patients

Breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often experience severe and persistent tiredness. In a recent study, a team led by researchers from the National University...
Associate Professor Alexandre Chan (extreme left) with cancer survivor Ms Chan Yoke (extreme right), who had experienced cognitive impairment as a result of chemotherapy. Dr Maung Shwe (centre) is part of the research team.

Early chemobrain intervention required for breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

According to an estimate, almost 50% suffer from a cognitive decline during chemotherapy. And 30% of them experience the condition a year after treatment. While current...
Crop woman showing breast cancer ribbon

Breast cancer therapy: All clear for the heart

About 70,000 women have diagnosed with breast cancer in Germany annually. However, enhanced screening measures and more successful treatment strategies have significantly brought down...
researchers, triple negative breast cancer

Developing a potential treatment for triple negative breast cancer

Recently team Verrico has donated £9,000 to the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute which aids Professor Matt Smalley’s research group to develop a...
Breast cancer self check, healthy lifestyle concept

New blood test that predict if the drug palbociclib will help breast cancer patients

Another examination has discovered a blood test for cancer DNA could anticipate if a woman is reacting to the breast cancer drug palbociclib, months...
Healthcare, medicine and breast cancer concept

NHS patients to receive a new type of breast cancer treatment

Almost thousands of women to get benefit from a new pioneered treatment developed by clinical scientists at UCL. Lumpectomy is most commonly used a procedure that...
Crop woman showing breast cancer ribbon

Scientists uncovered how cancer stem cells drive triple-negative breast cancer

Hormone treatment for bosom disease squares tumor cells from communicating with hormones, for example, estrogen and progesterone, which fuel the malignancy cells to develop...