Sunday, July 3, 2022


The brain’s secret to lifelong learning can now come as hardware for AI

When the human brain learns something new, it adapts. But when artificial intelligence learns something new, it tends to forget information it already learned. As...

MIT neuroscientists developed a computer model that can localize sounds

We now have a model that can actually localize sounds in the real world

New AI model identifies genes responsible for motor neurone disease

The model has so far identified 690 risk genes for MND, many of which are discoveries.

Study links the breakdown in brain cell development and the risk of Schizophrenia

The study is a major step forward in the hunt for developmental origins of psychiatric disorders.

Our brains take a little while to update, study

Our brain’s refresh time is about 15 seconds.

Gene that aids sense of smell play a role in spread of breast cancer to the brain

Breast cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed malignancy, just behind lung cancer, and the leading cause of cancer death in women, with more...

Is energy the key to Alzheimer’s disease?

Different mutations in different genes have many different effects on brain cell function.

Study finds positive Effects of academic education on Aging of Brain

The benefits of good education and lifelong learning extend into old age.

Tool to view an unprecedented view of brain cell activity

First ever seeing brain activity on such a massive scale.

3D mini-brains offer clues on origin of Schizophrenia

A fundamental discovery providing what we think is the first evidence in human tissue.

Activity in brain while switching between hearing and listening

Attention alters activity in brain areas.

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