Unexpected ties: Sleep, brain insulation, and neurodegeneration

BMAL1 loss in oligodendroglia impacts myelination and sleep.

SARS-CoV-2 moves within neurons to infect the brain

Separate effects: SARS-CoV-2, neuroinvasion, and anosmia.

Cognitive problems in children linked to excess fluoride

A study shows a link between drinking fluoride and children's cognitive deficits.

Unexpected link between schizophrenia risk proteins

Controlling fast-spiking neurons: Cytoskeleton-membrane interaction.

New tech shows how the body fights COVID-19

Pioneering use of immunoPET in COVID-19 patients.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation shows promising results for post-stroke ataxia

Case represents first use of bilateral TMS to treat post-stroke cerebellar ataxia.

Turning brain immune cells into neurons

New research offers a tantalizing avenue for treating stroke by reprogramming microglia.

How does the brain encode lottery values?

New study reveals role of frontal and parietal cortex in economic decisions under risk in rats.

Crucial mitochondrial protein in glioblastoma and therapy resistance

Glioblastoma progression and resistance linked to CHCHD2.

Brain changes from shift work and jet lag increase appetite

Altered feeding behavior due to circadian phase shifting of hormones.

AI accelerates brain tumor type identification

Swift intraoperative CNS tumor typing with deep learning.

New tools based on AI can help diagnose schizophrenia

A language-based computational assay of conceptual disorganization in schizophrenia.

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