Thursday, May 19, 2022

Brain Cells

What makes brain cells develop in a specific order?

A study of the visual system of fruit flies reveals factors regulating neuron development.

Tool to view an unprecedented view of brain cell activity

First ever seeing brain activity on such a massive scale.

3D mini-brains offer clues on origin of Schizophrenia

A fundamental discovery providing what we think is the first evidence in human tissue.

Neuroscientists illuminate how brain cells ‘navigate’ in the light and dark

Brain mechanism identified that tracks angular head motion during navigation

Scientists identified the function of a mystery protein that kills brain cells in Parkinson’s disease

Scientists have made a 'vital step' towards understanding the origins of Parkinson's Disease - the fastest growing neurological condition in the world.

This hippocampal circuit helps us to maintain our timeline of memories

Neuroscientists identify brain circuit that encodes the timing of events.

The science of guessing

Scientists discover what happens in our brains when guessing.

Autistic brain are seen at the earliest stage of development

Autistic people's nerve cells differ before birth.

Neuro RX Gamma headset helps Alzheimer’s patients recover their memories

If successful, the technology would be the first to actually reverse the disease.

Study uncovers neurological basis for processing social information

Neuroscientists are building up a clearer picture than any time in recent memory of how the animal brain processes social information, from status and...

Key to brain cell communication is like oil and water

The nervous system depends on the firmly regulated spatial and fleeting communication that happens between neurons at specific associations called synapses. Chemical signals called...

Brain deficits caused by alcohol could be reversed by new drug

Researchers of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have discovered a brain cells. During their study in adult mice demonstrate that two weeks of daily therapies...

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