Thursday, May 19, 2022


Study maps how the brain changes during depression treatment

The study maps the impact of a depression treatment called rTMS on the brain.

Long-duration space flight affects astronauts’ brains, study

It also forces you to think about some basic questions of science and how life evolved here on Earth.

Neurons don’t necessarily end where they begin

Scientists tracked the cellular migration of developing fetal brains.

Scientists discovered the ideal amount of sleep in middle and old age

Too little or too much sleep is associated with poorer cognitive performance and mental health.

How chronic pain leads to maladaptive anxiety?

Neuronal plasticity in chronic pain-induced anxiety revealed.

Simulating complex brain cell responses

Study shows simple, computationally-light model can simulate complex brain cell responses.

A new study changes the way we think about brain networks

International collaboration reveals how the human brain evolved to harness abstract thought.

Brain stores a single memory across many brain regions

This study reflects the most comprehensive description of memory encoding cells or memory engrams.

What makes brain cells develop in a specific order?

A study of the visual system of fruit flies reveals factors regulating neuron development.

Prenatal brain scans could reveal autism-associated brain differences in the womb

The study is the first to analyze prenatal MRI scans of children later diagnosed with autism.

A mechanism for long term memory storage found

The study provide insights into the mechanistic basis of cognitive deficits in dementia.

Study unravels neuronal mechanisms that control food cravings during pregnancy

Persistent cravings have consequences for the offspring.

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