Sunday, June 4, 2023


Discovery of neurons that recognize others

The hippocampus plays an important role in assigning positive values to others.

Salt: A Silent Killer

High salt intake causes cognitive impairment by activating angiotensin II-AT1.

The low-flavanol diet causes age-related memory loss

Low flavanol intake can lead to age-related memory loss.

Brain’s protein-degradation machine found to have a new role at synapses

New role for proteasome particles in brain function discovered.

New insights into brain function in diabetes

Blood Sugar Changes Rapidly Activate Brain Regions.

Is there a link between depression and inflammation of the brain?

People with depression have fewer active microglial cells.

Regular exercise may reduce risk of brain haemorrhage

Regular physical activity can reduce bleeding in intracerebral hemorrhage.

Scientists discovered the role of ATP in ovulation

Uncovering the role of ATP in ovulation suggests new treatment for infertility.

Revolutionary soft e-skin transmits brain-compatible signals

A material with nerve-like electronics can sense pressure, temperature, and strain.

Decoding hearing issues: Yale-led study pinpoints causes of auditory problems in adults

There is limited information about why hearing problems among older adults are more common.

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