Blood Pressure

Less stress boosts T cells as cancer fighters

Sympathetic nerves linked to T cell exhaustion via β1-adrenergic receptor.

Night shift survival: Ideal nap strategy for new parents and workers

The impact of short and long naps on alertness and performance: A reanalysis.

Painkillers increase blood clot risk with hormonal Birth control

Study shows blood clot risk with hormonal birth control and painkillers.

The impact of cold weather on high blood pressure treatment

Navigating high blood pressure in chilly climates.

High blood pressure & anemia drive racial birth complication gap

Stanford Medicine reveals role of hypertension and anemia in non-white birth complication rates.

Not getting enough sleep, whether in Seattle or anywhere else, can harm heart

Cardiovascular disease indicators and sleep irregularity: A Multi-Ethnic Study.

A group of unhealthy traits has been linked to earlier heart attacks and strokes

The link between asymptomatic metabolic syndrome in middle age and cardiovascular disease.

Shedding light on the blue legs symptom of Long Covid

Long COVID unveiled: Exploring dysautonomia, venous insufficiency, and acrocyanosis.

Estrogen ingested in pill form may increase the risk of high blood pressure

The type of estrogen-based menopausal hormone therapy had varying impacts on developing high blood pressure.

Salt: A Silent Killer

High salt intake causes cognitive impairment by activating angiotensin II-AT1.

Women are more likely to die from heart attacks than men

Women with STEMI have a worse prognosis due to their older age.

First ever in-utero brain surgery cures serious condition in unborn baby

Fetal embolization of the vein of galen malformation effectively prevents postnatal pathophysiology.

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