Blood flow

Riding sound waves in the brain

Controlling microvehicles using ultrasound.

New tech shows how the body fights COVID-19

Pioneering use of immunoPET in COVID-19 patients.

Device for early detection of organ rejection

Bio-electronic implants detecting kidney transplant rejection early.

The gut-brain connection

The colon-brain axis.

First endovascular technology to explore capillaries

Harnessing blood flow to navigate endovascular microrobots.

Mapping blood flow below in the skin in high resolution

Blood flow measurement has widespread clinical applications. Therefore, scientists at Rice University have developed PulseCam — a new camera-based, motion-robust, and highly sensitive blood...

Smoking Hookah may lead to increased risk of blood clots

New evidence that hookah smoking may not be a safe alternative to cigarettes.

Respiration key to increasing oxygen in the brain

Respiration provides a dynamic pathway for modulating cerebral oxygenation.

A wireless, battery-free, biodegradable blood flow sensor

Tracking the success of surgeries on veins is a challenging task as a first sign often takes time to come. By that time, the patient...

Olive oil and sleep could stave off heart attacks and strokes

Apolipoprotein A-IV, known as ApoA-IV, is a plasma protein. Levels of ApoA-IV increment after the digestion of foods, especially food high in unsaturated fats,...

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