Study uses a coaxial ‘dish’ antenna to search for dark matter

First results from BREAD experiment.

Neutron star mergers: New physics signals

With implications for determining the true nature of dark matter.

Using quantum technology to constrain axions

A way to explore promising parameter space.

Axion’s mass is more than twice as big as previously thought

New simulations refine axion mass, refocusing dark matter search.

Shedding light on axion dark matter

A theoretical review in a new study strongly supports the search for axion dark matter.

Axions could tell us about the first seconds after Big Bang

Axions could be the fossil of the Universe.

MIT physicists have searched for axions in Betelgeuse

Results significantly narrow the range of possible places to find the hypothetical dark matter particles.

Axions might be the source of X-ray emissions surrounding neutron stars, study

X-Rays Surrounding ‘Magnificent 7’ May Be Traces of Sought-After Particle.

Searching for invisible axion dark matter

It could enhance the present understanding of these elusive particles.

In search of dark matter with the coldest material of the universe

Our current understanding of cosmology and nuclear physics suggests that dark matter can be formed from axions, hypothetical particles with unusual symmetry properties. In a...

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