Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Autistic women are particularly vulnerable to mental illness

These findings highlight the need for profound mental health services among autistic young adults.

New insight into the genetic causes of autism and ADHD

Your genes determine whether you get ADHD or autism.

Autistic people are more vulnerable to depression and anxiety during pregnancy

The results have important implications for supporting autistic people during pregnancy.

Anti-diarrhea medication may help treat core symptoms of autism

Scientists used a computer model that encompasses proteins involved in ASD and the way they interact.

What makes the human brain different?

And what makes us human may also makes us susceptible to neuropsychiatric diseases.

Scientists uncovered 60 new autism genes

These genes may provide important clues to the causes of autism across the full spectrum of the disorder.

Prenatal brain scans could reveal autism-associated brain differences in the womb

The study is the first to analyze prenatal MRI scans of children later diagnosed with autism.

An early autism screening tool is the world’s most effective

It is the world’s most effective.

Study demonstrates how genes and environment interact in autistic disorders

Gene-environment interactions that drive autism.

3D facial scans could give the genetic causes of autism

The facial asymmetry of autistic children may be related to heritability factors.

Using AI, scientists developed a device to detect autism

These results pave the way for a tool for the early detection of autistic disorder.

Good night’s sleep could vastly improve children’s behavior in Autism

A reduction in sleep problems for children on the autism spectrum vastly improves those children’s behavior.

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