Friday, June 2, 2023

Australian National University

The fastest-growing black hole of the last nine billion years discovered

The black hole consumes the equivalent of one Earth every second.

Scientists offered an alternative explanation for the strange galactic signal

Spinning stars shed new light on a mysterious gamma-ray signal.

Most sensitive method ever for measuring the potential energy of an atom

Validating one of the most tested theories in physics.

Volcanic activity beneath Mars’ surface rock Red Planet

Magma in the Martian mantle is still active and is responsible for the volcanic marsquakes.

Supermountains played vital role in the evolution of early life on Earth

The supermountains may also have boosted oxygen levels in the atmosphere, needed for complex life to breathe.

A stunning image shows Milky Way’s closest neighbor in new detail

Stunning close-up reveals secrets of Milky Way's neighbor.

Optimal blood pressure helps our brains stay younger

Too much blood pressure is aging our brains.

New, powerful microscopic laser traps energy like noise-canceling headphones

So-called 'nanolasers' are smaller than the wavelength of the light they produce.

New album takes listeners on a cosmic and sonic journey through space

It also includes the sound of the violent scene of supermassive black holes colliding.

The first-ever discovery of an extraterrestrial radioactive isotope on Earth

Alien radioactive element prompts creation rethink.

Scientists confirmed the existence of the Earth’s innermost inner core

Scientists dig deep to reveal Earth’s hidden layer.

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