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Touch can produce detailed, permanent memories

Touch can produce detailed, permanent memories

Humans can perceive the shape of objects by touch alone, by extracting geometric features such as edges. The sense of touch differs from the...
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Social pursuits can increase your life satisfaction

Individuals who thought of 'prosperity' procedures that included other individuals are more happy with their lives, a new study suggests — while considering that...
Examples of masculinized (a) and feminized (b) versions of men’s faces used to assess facial-masculinity preferences in our study.

Women’s preference for masculine faces not linked with hormones

According to a new study by the Association for Psychological Science suggest that women’s preferences for masculine characteristics in men’s faces are related to women’s hormonal...
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People use emotion to persuade, even when it could backfire

Most of the time, people use spontaneously shift toward using more emotional language when trying to persuade. They intuitively use more emotional language to enhance...
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Ratings rise over time because they feel easier to make, study

According to a study, people tend to attribute the increasing ease of making ratings to the items themselves rather than to the rating process,...
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Seeing others makes people very confident in their abilities

According to research published in Psychological Science, viewing YouTube videos, Instagram demos, and Facebook tutorials may influence us to feel as if we're getting...
Considering Germs Makes People Concerned About How They Look

Considering Germs Makes People Concerned About How They Look

A new research suggests that simply considering potential infections appears to expand individuals' worries about their own physical appearance, particularly on the off chance that...