Protein in human sweat may guard against Lyme disease

SCGB1D2 halts Borrelia burgdorferi growth and impacts Lyme disease risk.

Steroid drugs for HRT tackles E. coli and MRSA

Steroid drugs kill MRSA by inhibiting bacterial oxidases.

Gut bacteria shape the newborn immune system with neurotransmitters

Gut bacteria-produced serotonin encourages immune tolerance in infancy.

Recurrent UTI linked to lingering symptoms

Recurrent infections cause ongoing bladder problems and pain by triggering sensory nerve growth and mast cell activation.

A virus that harms people while they sleep

Eliminating dormant pseudomonas aeruginosa cells.

Bacterial meningitis leaves lifelong mark on one in three kids

Long-term disabilities surge after childhood bacterial meningitis in sweden.

Unveiling superbug drivers beyond antibiotic

Longitudinal study of multidrug-resistant E. coli across countries.

Scientists developed a new family of polymers that can kill bacteria

A major step in the fight against superbugs like E. coli and MRSA.

A newer generation tetracycline antibiotic could be new weapon against C diff bacteria

Phase 1 trial shows new RX Fights C Diff and spares healthy microbiota.

AI helps identify a new class of antibiotic candidates

These compounds can kill methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Researchers work on wearable sensor to cut catheter infections

Sensors alert medical providers to bacterial growth, preventing infections.

Stomach-focused strategies for better mental well-being

Lactobacillus in altered flora balances IFNγ for stress resilience.

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