An analysis reveals the origin of the Indian people

50,000 years of evolutionary history of India.

Neanderthal ancestors may have been early risers

Substantial genetic differences in the circadian systems of Neanderthals and modern humans.

Our shoulders and elbows have first evolved as a natural braking system for our primate ancestors

Study introduces ‘downclimbing’ from trees as a driver in early-human evolution.

Immune systems develop silver bullet defenses against bacteria

Immune systems produce genes to combat common bacteria in food.

A new approach to genetic genealogy reveals african american heritage

A novel method for determining genetic ancestry that sheds light on the history of African Americans.

Lingering effects of neanderthal DNA are still present in modern humans

Neanderthal genes are still influencing human traits.

Study identifies oldest known scaled building plans in human history

Oldest architectural plans detail mysterious desert mega structures.

Our ancestors evolved from water to land

Fish have evolved a blinking behavior that is similar to our blinking.

Revealing the genome organization of the earliest common ancestor of all mammals

The results will help to understand the genetics behind adaptations.

Humans’ direct ancestor existed 100,000 to 200,000 years earlier than previously thought

Fossil humans are rare, representing only a very small percentage of all of the fossil mammals discovered at any given paleontological site. In short,...

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