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Dr Pravat Mandal and Dr. Deepika Shukla at NBRC

Big Data may help get new clues to Alzheimer’s

Despite rapid developments in medicine, early detection of neurodegenerative disorders remains a challenge. Now a group of Indian researchers has sought to apply Big...
Goal-setting calendar. Image: Estee Janssens/Unsplash

Study revealed personalized goal setting could help people with dementia

A group of UCLA-led researchers investigated how personalized goal setting could be utilized to help people with dementia obtain what is important to them. Dr....
Enhancement of neurotrophic factor signalling may improve memory functions

Improvement of neurotrophic factor signalling may may enhance memory functions

There are various treatments that improve brain neurotrophic factor signaling to improve memory functions in Alzheimer’s disease. But a new research by the University of Eastern Finland...
Higher Education Linked to Lower Alzheimer Risk

Higher Education Linked to Lower Alzheimer Risk

A latest genetic study by the University College London suggests that the people who have higher education tend to have a lower Alzheimer risk. According to...
New Tool to Determine Alzheimer's Risk

New Tool to Determine Alzheimer’s Risk

The Mini-Mental State Examination often utilized for intellectual debilitation in more seasoned grown-ups. But, it stays hazy how to translate changes in its score...