Purple may be the new green for alien life, study

Unveiling the enigmatic purple worlds.

Old stars may be best place for finding alien neighbors

Astronomers peeked into a star's magnetic secrets.

Study explores the links between oxygen and detecting alien technology

Is oxygen the cosmic key to alien technology?

Space dust could offer clues about alien life

A proposed way to search for alien life using tiny rocks ejected from other worlds.

An intelligent alien civilization could beam quantum messages to Earth

A new study finds that quantum signals could travel over interstellar distances.

There are four hostile alien civilizations in the Milky Way, study

This probability would be the same as that of an Earth collision with a global-catastrophe asteroid.

Molecular patterns may help identify extraterrestrial life

Scientists have begun the search for extraterrestrial life in the Solar System in earnest.

Game theory could maximize the potential of finding intelligent alien life

A new strategy based on game theory could tip the odds of finding them more in our favor.

Portable, fully automated device could help detect signs of extraterrestrial life

It could someday detect organic biosignatures in extraterrestrial soil.

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