Sunday, November 27, 2022


Improving the way computers recognize hand gestures

For efficient edge computing

Computing innovations are still made in America – but increasingly not by Americans

North America is still ground-zero for algorithmic innovation, but it's increasingly coming from non-American researchers.

New algorithm could help self-driving cars avoid collisions, traffic jams

As the use of driverless cars is getting closer and closer to become an everyday reality, the need for a way to drive them...

New Algorithm Predicts Gestational Diabetes

According to the new algorithm, nine parameters are sufficient to accurately identify the women who were at a high risk of developing gestational diabetes.

Automating molecule design to speed up drug manufacturing

Designing new molecules for pharmaceuticals is primarily a manual, time-consuming process that’s prone to error. Frequently, scientists utilize expert knowledge and direct tweaking of particles,...

Autonomous video-capturing drone “selfie drone”

Skydio, a San Francisco-based startup founded by three MIT alumni has recently developed an autonomous video capturing drone also called 'selfie drone' that tracks and...

With New Computational Model, Buildings May “Sense” Internal Damage

MIT scientists have developed a computational model that makes sense of ambient vibrations. It raises some features in the noise that give indications of a building’s...

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