Scientists invent symmetry-breaking for the first time in a nanoscale device that can mimic human brain

Over the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications such as machine learning have gained pace to revolutionise many industries. As...

AI-powered system can automatically rewrite outdated Wikipedia articles

The system can be used to augment datasets to eliminate bias when training detectors of "fake news."

Bosch’s Virtual Visor automatically blocks the sun’s rays

A world first digital sun visor uses AI to protect drivers’ vision the smart way.

Brain-like functions in a neuromorphic network

Emerging fluctuation-based functionalities are expected to open a way to novel memory device technology.

Analyzing placentas using AI

Computerized image analysis could lessen barriers to placental analysis and improve health outcomes for mother and child.

Bot can beat humans in multiplayer hidden-role games

Using deductive reasoning, the bot identifies friend or foe to ensure victory over humans in certain online games.

AI created by Dodo analyzed 300,000 recipes to create a pizza transcending individual tastes

Dodo Pizza, a Russian-born global pizza delivery franchise, analyzed 300,000 recipes to create a pizza recipe transcending individual tastes.

AI chip called Tianjic can control a riderless autonomous bicycle

It seems like we are one more step closer to the future filled with humanlike thinking machines. A team of Chinese scientists has successfully...

Using artificial intelligence to better predict severe weather

Meteorologists use shapes and movements of clouds in satellite images as indicators of several noteworthy types of severe storms. However, as satellite image data...

MIT researchers built a neural network that knows how to make pizza

While we heard a lot about a robot pizza delivery, never mind if an autonomous machine will cook your pizza as well. Good cooking...