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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence speeds up!

Now it is possible to solve a system of linear equations in a single operation in the timescale, thanks to a newly designed electronic...
High-resolution rendering of the AI attention map superimposed on Toxoplasma gondii. CREDIT Artur Yakimovich USAGE RESTRICTIONS

New AI toolkit is the ‘scientist that never sleeps’

A new AI toolkit- developed by the scientists at Francis Crick Institute and UCL, can examine how pathogens taint our cells with the exactness...
MIT researchers have developed a neural-network model that can analyze raw text and audio data from interviews to discover speech patterns indicative of depression. This method could be used to develop diagnostic aids for clinicians that can detect signs of depression in natural conversation.

New model to naturally detect depression in conversations

In order to help patients to tackle depression, clinicians perform various methods including asking specific questions — about, say, past mental illnesses, lifestyle, and...
Conceptual illustration of a droplet containing an artificial neural network made of DNA that has been designed to recognize complex and noisy molecular information, represented as 'molecular handwriting.' Credit: Olivier Wyart

Scientists created AI from DNA

Caltech scientists have recently developed an AI made out of DNA that can tackle a classic machine learning problem by precisely recognizing written by hand...
Franck de Morsier, CTO, and Pierrick Poulenas, CEO of Picterra © 2018 Alain Herzog

New system for extracting crucial information from satellite images

A start-up company at EPFL, Picterra, recently has developed a smart system that allows users to analyze drone or satellite images of a given territory. In...
SVD scan

Artificial Intelligence improves stroke and dementia diagnosis in brain scans

Imperial scientists in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh have developed a new software that can detect and quantify the severity of small vessel disease, one...
AI evaluation method

How accurate is your AI system?

AI use is continuously expanding. One similar trail is done by  J. B. Brown of the Graduate School of Medicine. He has developed an...
Improving Breast Cancer Treatment using AI

Improving Breast Cancer Treatment using AI

Scientists at the Imperial College London working on a new project to investigate how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could enhance breast cancer diagnosis. They believe that...
Material Science With Artificial Intelligence

Material Science With Artificial Intelligence

MIT scientists have recently developed an artificial intelligence system that would pore through research papers to conclude 'formulas' for delivering specific materials. It also promises to...