Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Yale University

Infants pay attention with their frontal cortex of the brain

Looking behind the mirror,” for the neural origins of attention.

New strategy to see the development of the brain

Scientists captured the choreography of a developing brain.

New coating for hydrogen fuel

A solution with a first-of-its-kind coating.

Studying the disparate immune responses of men and women to the COVID-19

Scientists unravel the mystery of sex disparities in COVID-19 outcomes.

The study offers a detailed understanding of how immune cells attack and heal

It’s an important step toward a better understanding of the different types of macrophages.

Tiny, mineral grains could explain a fundamental tectonic force

The theory may provide an origin story for subduction.

Parents who were born premature likely to have children with autism

Parental birth abnormalities and offspring’s autism-linked.

Ancient Earth may have given birth to islands of life

Islands jutting up from the world’s oceans provided environmental conditions necessary for early life to flourish.

The ‘mouse model’ helps us understand how we make decisions

A tool usually available at the tip of our fingers can reveal how you make decisions.

Scientists identified a protein that protects against Lyme disease

A finding that may help diagnose and treat this infection.

Coronavirus block the ability of cells to produce protective proteins

Virus that causes COVID-19 puts a plug in cellular defenses.

How do insects find their targets in a chaotic world?

The study records the flies seemingly random movements.

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