Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Yale University

Material reveals some intriguing clues about superconductivity

A material reveals clues about superconductivity.

Scientists proposed a novel idea of using qubits to search for dark matter

Enhancing the search for the nature of dark matter, neutrinos, new forces, and more.

Scientists identified molecular mechanisms of an eye cancer

Doctors identified an eye cancer culprit.

COVID-19 reinfections higher among nursing home residents, study

Repeat COVID-19 positive tests in nursing home residents identified following natural infection.

Portable MRI device provides life-saving information to doctors treating strokes

A Portable Point-of-Care MRI system.

Mercury in oceans? Rivers may be the largest source

The Amazon River, the Ganges, and the Yangtze topping the list.

Machu Picchu is up to several decades older than previously thought

The AMS testing indicates that the historical timeline is inaccurate.

What makes individuals more susceptible to diverse infections?

Chromosomal changes in white blood cells increase the risk of severe infections.

New urine screening test to detect the presence of new bladder cancer

A novel test can detect new and recurrent bladder cancer.

How long will your Coronavirus vaccination last?

Data on the mRNA vaccines are promising.

This gene is genetically responsible for Portal Hypertension

Genomic analysis to determine the cause of unexplained portal hypertension.

The map of undiscovered life

Yale scientists have launched an even more ambitious and perhaps important project.

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