Monday, September 26, 2022

Washington University in St.Louis

Fungus found in foods can infect sites of intestinal damage, study

Foodborne fungus impairs intestinal wound healing in Crohn’s disease.

A novel form of Alzheimer’s protein discovered

Discovery could lead to better diagnostics, speed efforts to find treatment.

Face masks can stimulate safety and economic growth as well

Mask mandates increase consumer spending.

How brain neurons influence choices?

The effort could aid the study of addiction, eating disorders, other neuropsychiatric conditions that involve faulty decision-making.

Scientists identified two antibodies that protect against influenza B virus strains

Findings point the way to developing a broad-spectrum flu drug,

The immune system affects the mind and body

Immune cells produce molecule that influences vigilance, alertness in mice.

How neutrons and protons arrange themselves in the nucleus?

Looking skin deep at the growth of neutron stars.

The origin of water on Earth

Study discovered a new candidate source for Earth’s water.

Seeing into the cell membrane using light

New imaging technique helps resolve nanodomains, chemical composition in cell membranes.

Red bricks can be converted into energy storage units

Imagine plugging into your brick house.

Boosting immunity could be a potential treatment strategy for COVID-19

Scientists find weakened, rather than hyperactive, immunity in response to the virus.

Study unveils how the process of wound healing begins

Using 3D mapping, scientists uncover a process that has stymied mechanobiology.

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