University of California - San Diego

Scientists detected trace amounts of superconducting material in Meteorite

Meteorites can contain a wide range of material phases due to the extreme environments found in space. They are ideal candidates to...

How does the mother’s half-genome merge with father’s half-genome?

The paternal genome genomes an enormous trade of histone with protamine for compaction into sperm during spermiogenesis. Upon fertilization, this procedure is...

Large amounts of oxygen detected in the ancient star’s atmosphere

Very unusual chemical composition in ancient star’s atmosphere.

Measuring mutations in sperm may reveal risk for autism in future children

Providing a more accurate assessment of ASD risk in future children.

What is the real meaning of life? A study found the answer

Study examines meaning in life and relationship with physical, mental and cognitive functioning

Fish species in amazon are so tough to thwart piranha attack

The work could serve as inspiration for stronger, lightweight and flexible synthetic armors.

A new understanding of how tardigrades are protected in extreme conditions

Researchers discover that a protein in tiny tardigrades binds and forms a protective cloud against extreme survival threats such as radiation damage.

What makes the teeth of deep-sea dragonfish transparent?

The dragon fish is a voracious predator of the deep sea with an arsenal of tools to hunt prey and remain concealed. In contrast...

Scientists pinpointed brain area where value decisions are made

Neuroscientists at the University of California San Diego have recently located the brain area that makes valuable decisions based on past experiences. That brain...

Are you lonely? You are not alone: Study

Loneliness is a common human emotion, and when fleeting, it is possible that an individual may not be gravely impacted. However, persistent and pervasive...