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Vital signs can now be monitored using radar

Vital signs can now be monitored using radar

Scientists at the University of Waterloo have devised a new radar system that can wirelessly monitor the vital signs of patients, eliminating the need...
Prof. Amir Khajepour stands next to a vehicle containing his new wheel unit. CREDIT University of Waterloo

New wheel units could reduce vehicle costs

Most current urban vehicles are scaled-down versions of standard passenger cars. This imposes serious limitations on the safety, comfort, efficiency, dynamic performance and, hence,...
Your body image is impacted by those around you

Your body image is impacted by those around you

Body image is a complex multidimensional construct composed of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors related to one’s body and weight. A plethora of research indicates...
Drawing is better than writing for memory retention

Drawing is better than writing for memory retention

Drawing and painting are fundamental activities in children's development, as kids express themselves and their emotions through drawing and coloring in. A new study...
An RFID tag is modified by cutting out a small part its antenna (silver ribbon) and placing a small light-sensing phototransistor or temperature-responsive resistor (thermistor) on it. CREDIT University of Waterloo

Batteryless smart device closer to reality

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have taken a step forward toward a new generation of smart devices that don't require batteries or charging....
Man hand playing a computer games

Motivating gamers with personalized game design

A group of multidisciplinary scientists at the University of Waterloo has recognized three fundamental computer game player characteristics that will make diversion outline more...
human and mammal

Difference between humans and other mammals is skin deep

When it comes to the types and diversity of microorganisms on our skin, humans are unique among mammals. Scientists discovered how distinct we humans are...
Young and happy woman eating healthy salad sitting on the table with green fresh ingredients indoors

Dieting associated with risky behaviors in teenage girls

Underweight remains an important health risk for a significant portion of younger adolescents, especially in teenage girls. The girls use to think that dieting...
Atomic structure of an unstrained 3.1 nm [110] SiNW and corresponding electronic (band) structure. (a) Front view and side view of a 3.1 nm [110] SiNW under no strain. Five unit cells of SiNW are shown in the side view highlighting the canted SiH2 (silicon dihydride) units. (b) Graphical representation of finding secondary states for an electron in sub band 1 (B1) which scatters to sub band 3 (B3) assisted by LA phonons. Ideally the secondary states in B3 (shadowed strip) form a quasi-continuum. In simulation, this is limited by the resolution of discretizing the BZ along kz. (c) The same graphical example for scattering from B1 to all sub bands (B1, B2, B3 and B4) assisted by LO phonons. Here there is a limited number of secondary states with corresponding rates arranged in a table. (d) Band structure of the unstrained nanowire showing a direct bandgap value of Eg = 1.554 eV and an energy offset of ΔE = 131 meV. The first four conduction sub bands (numbered as S1, S2, S3 and S4) are selected to calculate all electron-phonon scattering events required by EMC simulation.

Silicon breakthrough could make key microwave technology much cheaper and better

High-frequency microwaves convey motions in an extensive variety of gadgets, including the radar units police use to get speeders and crash shirking frameworks in...