Thursday, March 30, 2023

University of Toronto

An extreme exoplanet is more sizzling than scientists thought

The fiery and inferno-like exoplanet WASP-76b maybe even more sizzling than scientists thought.

How long quantum tunneling takes to happen?

The difficulty in answering this question lies in the definition of time itself.

New solution-processed upconversion photodetectors

Upconversion photodetectors play a vital role in infrared detection and imaging. They do not require complicated integrated circuit systems. Although most upconversion devices have...

Speed of light: Toward a future quantum internet

Engineers at the University of Toronto have developed a device that could be the backbone of the future of the internet. The device could be...

Journalists must take care in reporting on suicide

According to a large study published in CMAJ suggests that there is a significant link between reporting suicidal news and a real impact across the...

Chemists create vitamin-driven battery

Scientist's Team from the University of Toronto have developed a battery that stores energy in a biologically derived unit. In another word, it's a...

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