Sunday, May 28, 2023

University of Texas

Study explains how electric fish evolve their electric organs

The finding might also help scientists pinpoint the genetic mutations behind some human diseases.

Chaos terrains on Jupiter’s moon Europa could be transporting oxygen into the ocean

The amount of oxygen brought into Europa’s ocean could be similar to the quantity of oxygen in Earth’s oceans today.

Water under Mars’ south pole is probably just a dusty mirage, study

Previously observed bright radar reflections are just volcanic rock buried under ice.

Newly created hydrogel tablet can rapidly purify contaminated water

One tablet can disinfect a liter of river water and make it suitable for drinking in an hour or less.

Martian surface is shaped by ancient massive floods

This is a bit of a surprising result.

In this novel metal, electrons flow with fluid-like dynamics

The findings mark the first discovery of an electron-phonon liquid inside NbGe2.

Which way does the solar wind blow?

Using supercomputers, researchers develop new software for improved space weather prediction.

Every week of lockdown increases binge drinking, study

Study participants who regularly drank at harmful levels shown to consume six drinks per session, compared to two alcoholic beverages for those less regular binge drinkers.

The age of the Earth’s inner core revised

It wasn’t an easy feat.

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