Wednesday, July 6, 2022

University of Sheffield

New AI model identifies genes responsible for motor neurone disease

The model has so far identified 690 risk genes for MND, many of which are discoveries.

Visualization of ‘dancing DNA’ inside a cell

First videos to show the helix of dancing DNA developed by scientists.

The Premonition: Agent based Model for fire safety

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has been working with researchers on the multiyear ‘premonition’ project. The project aims to develop new ways of keeping vulnerable communities safe from fire at a time when fire services are under increasing financial pressure.

How plants breathe and how humans shaped their ‘lungs’

The development of stomata and leaf airspace must be composed to set up a proficient and powerful network that enables gas exchange for photosynthesis....

Study reveals key step in cell protein production from genes

DNA is the information molecule. It stores instructions for making other large molecules, called proteins. These instructions are stored inside each of your cells,...

New solar technology aims to be the future of renewable energy

Scientists at the University of Sheffield in collaboration with energy technology company Power Roll have developed an innovative solar technology that could potentially drive...

This DNA tool can help you trace your ancient ancestry

Most ancient DNA (aDNA) data were generated through microarrays designed for modern-day populations, which are known to misrepresent the population structure. Past examinations addressed these...

Plaster which sticks inside the mouth will revolutionise treatment of oral conditions

Researchers from the University of Sheffield's School of Clinical Dentistry, working in a close coordinated effort with Dermtreat A/S from Copenhagen, have built up...

Female chess players beat expectations when playing chess against men, study

A new study published recently in the journal Psychological Science suggests that female chess players are not affected by negative stereotypes about women’s chess...

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