Friday, July 1, 2022

University of Pittsburgh

Imaging a Haber-Bosch catalysis precursor at the atomic scale

The study reveals the fundamental interactions at the onset of correlated complexity that defines alkali atom promotion of catalytic chemistry.

Study reveals how neurons differentiate between motor and sensory signals

Study shows how 'polyglot' neurons encode and decode sensorimotor 'chatter'.

Scientists took snapshots of light

Scientists examined ideas surrounding the origins of light.

Pigs grow new liver in lymph nodes, study

A human clinical trial is next.

PittCoVacc: Vaccine against COVID-19 shows promise

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have announced a potential vaccine against Coronavirus that shows promise for neutralizing the virus. The medicine...

New electronic state of matter discovered

When electrons can be made to attract one another, they can form bunches of two, three, four and five electrons that literally behave like new types of particles.

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