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Skin color and neurodevelopment are not linked

Skin color and neurodevelopment are not linked

The most recent discoveries from the universal INTERGROWTH-21st Project, that has observed healthy, urban kids from educated families crosswise over four continents from early...
Salkhit skullcap, Mongolia © Institute of History and Archaeology & Academy of Sciences (Mongolia)

Ancient Mongolian skull is the earliest modern human yet found in the region

According to a new analysis, only Pleistocene hominin fossil discovered in Mongolia also called Mongolanthropus, is actually a cutting edge human who lived roughly...
New theory could explain missing 95 percent of the cosmos

New theory could explain missing 95 percent of the cosmos

Albert Einstein provided the first hint of the dark universe exactly 100 years ago when he discovered a parameter in his equations known as...
Molecular conveyor belt provides a foundation for nanoscale DNA-processing machines Image credit: Yujia Qing

Molecular hopper created, small enough to move single DNA strands

Scientists at the University of Oxford have developed a "molecular hopper" that can move single strands of DNA through a protein nanotube. This hopper works by making...
Human brain Credit: Shutterstock/CLIPAREA

Study provides better understanding of the physical mechanisms behind brain injuries

Blast injury has become the major life and function-threatening injuries in recent warfares. There is increased research interest in the mental disorders caused by...
Focussed ultrasound used to improve effects of cancer drugs Image credit: Shutterstock

Focussed ultrasound used to improve effects of cancer drugs

Reaching therapeutic levels of cancer drugs within a tumor, while avoiding side effects for the rest of the body is a challenge for all...
The battered remains of a roadkilled deer in South Carolina, US Image: Wikipedia

Researchers may be underestimating roadkill numbers

There are millions of wildlife deaths on British roads every year. the subsequent remains speak to a significant measure of nourishment for scroungers. By expelling...

Less is more when it comes to developing bigger brains

A collaborative study by the scientists from University of Oxford and Cardiff University utilized mathematical models to re-order the complex procedure of mental health that happens...
The mystery of how comets are able to emit X-rays has been solved by a team led by the University of Oxford. Image credit: Shutterstock

Scientists finally solved mystery of why comets emit X-rays

When comets travel through the Solar System they interact with Solar radiation, the Solar wind, and the Solar magnetic field. This produces an obvious climate...