University of Geneva

There is a correlation between gut microbiota and Alzheimer’s disease

The results make it possible to envisage new preventive strategies based on the modulation of the microbiota of people at risk.

Circadian rhythms drive beta cell regeneration

Scientists identified the essential role of circadian clocks in the regeneration of insulin-producing cells.

How mitochondria distribute their transcriptome throughout the cell?

Inside mitochondria and their fascinating genome.

Study explores the benefits of sport in memory and motor learning

If sport is good for the body, it also seems to be good for the brain.

Cold-sensitive staphylococci reveal a weakness

Understanding the molecular basis of this phenotype.

From age 8 we spontaneously link vocal to facial emotion

Throughout life, our feelings influence the choices that we make. The concept of emotion may seem simple, but scientists...

People have different immunity for protecting themselves against the coronavirus

The human leukocyte antigen (HLA) system (the major histocompatibility complex in humans) is an essential part of the immune system. These...

Scientists confirmed the existence of an Earth around the nearest star

In recent years, the discovery of Proxima b marked one of the most critical milestones in exoplanetary science. Yet the limited precision...

A six-planets system discovered

Using the SOPHIE spectrograph, scientists are observing the star HD 158259 in the Draco constellation for seven years. The instrument, until now,...