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Scientists successfully created next-generation wonder material for 1st time

Long-hypothesized ‘next-generation wonder material’ created for the first time.

Ancient moon volcanoes may one day provide astronauts with drinkable water

Roughly 41% of the water from volcanoes may have condensed onto the moon as ice.

Astronomers observed star ejecting a massive burst of energy and charged particles

A young, sun-like star may hold warnings for life on Earth.

A specific wavelength of UV light can curb COVID-19 spread

It is also safer for use in public spaces.

Dust storms play a significant role in drying out the Red Planet

It was the first time that so many missions had focused on a single event.

What makes fish fins so strong yet flexible?

Engineers uncover the secrets of fish fins.

Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy may increase babies’ obesity risk

A robotic arm equipped with a hairbrush helps with brushing tasks and could be an asset in assistive care settings.

A giant, scorching-hot planet discovered orbiting Vega

Astronomers unearthed a curious signal that could be the star’s first-known world.

A new, faster method for seeking out dark matter

Using a new method called "quantum squeezing," scientists think they may have found a potential explanation to dark matter in the form of a new particle called an axion.

Transforming our body into a battery

A new, low-cost wearable device that transforms the human body into a biological battery.

A look at the sun’s dusty environment

A search that could help to reveal how planets like Earth come into being.

The study offers clues on what makes the sun’s atmosphere so hot

Scientists get the lowdown on sun’s super-hot atmosphere.

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