University of Canterbury

Without Paris Accord, emperor penguins are in dire straits, study

Unless climate change is slowed, emperor penguins will be marching towards extinction.

Science is sexist, a new analysis finds

In new research, scientists took a gander at many years of research from 28 scientific societies in four nations covering five science disciplines and...

Micronutrients affect gut bacteria associated with ADHD

Children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who took micronutrients had lower levels of a bacteria linked to the psychological disorder, and a healthier range of bugs in their gut overall, new research shows.

Developing redox flow batteries as a viable energy storage system

Could we be close to having sustainable, continuously rechargeable batteries that power our lives?

World-first insulin sensor technology will provide better diabetes care

UC Distinguished Professor Geoff Chase is developing world-first insulin sensor technology to enable ‘right now’ measurement for those overseeing type 2 diabetes.

International tourists value sustainability and respecting the environment

A new study shedding light on tourist's sustainability practices, suggests that international tourists mainly values sustainability and protecting the environment. The research tells more...

Shape-changing element holds key to anti-bacterial coating

Undoubtedly, TiO2 has received much attention as a possible antimicrobial material due to its well-known photocatalytic activity (PCA) and self-cleaning properties. It is used in sunscreens...

Social media can improve lives post-disaster: study

Social media plays a major role in our health and wellbeing following a disaster. It can increase happiness and nurture your social circle. But depending...

New zero-waste tech aims to save environment from toxic acid waste

Associate Professor of Engineering Dr. Aaron Marshall and Chemical and Process Engineering Master's understudy Jonathan Ring have built up an award-winning, just about a...

Multi-axis spin coating creates new manufacturing opportunities

New research aims to bring multi-axis coating technology to rounded objects, which could disrupt a range of industries and create multi-million-dollar opportunities.