University of Cambridge

A fully woven, smart display

A 46-inch woven display with smart sensors, energy harvesting, and storage integrated directly into the fabric.

Live cells in human breast milk could help breast cancer research

Offering insight into the relationship between pregnancy, lactation, and breast cancer.

‘Dark Genome’ offers clues to treatment of Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

The study opens up huge potential for new druggable targets.

Converting invisible infrared into visible light

Colour-changing magnifying glass gives clear view of infrared light.

Newly developed super jelly can withstand elephant standing on it

A jelly-like material that can survive being run over by a car.

Scientists found the cause of Alzheimer’s disease progression

This research shows the value of working with human data instead of imperfect animal models.

Results at CERN boost evidence for new fundamental physics

Further hints for phenomena that cannot be explained by our current theory of fundamental physics.

A new phase of matter unraveled

Back to basics approach.

Scientists may have possibly detected dark energy

Have we detected dark energy?

Astronomers identified a new class of exoplanets that could support life

A big step forward in the search for life.

Brain tumor detection via simple urine or blood plasma test

The team says that a test for detecting glioma using urine is the first of its kind in the world.

Climate changed our body and brain as well, study

The average body size of humans has fluctuated significantly over the last million years.

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