University of California Riverside

Turmeric compound helps vascular tissues grow

Magnetic hydrogels embedded with curcumin-coated nanoparticles promote the secretion of VEGF.

A technique for solving a mystery involving the chemical that makes people sleepy

Tryptophan blockers offer a new way to kill bad guys.

One step closer to developing time crystals for use in real-world applications

Time crystals leave the lab.

Astronomers discovered gigantic planet hidden in plain sight

The gas giant is much closer to Earth than others like it.

Plastics can increase the risk of human cardiovascular disease

The study finds a receptor greatly contributes to the harmful effects of plastic-associated chemicals.

5-decades old mystery behind plant growth solved

Molecule masterminds elaborate growth process.

The origin of ultra-diffuse galaxies explained

Using simulations to reveal how the very faint dwarf galaxies are born.

Super-Earth discovered near one of the oldest stars in the galaxy

The hot planet orbits its star twice during every Earth day.

Venus might be habitable today, if not for Jupiter

Study shows destabilizing effect of the giant gas planet.

Scientists precisely measure the total amount of matter in the universe

UC Riverside-led team’s technique relied on determining the mass of galaxy clusters.

Other stars could have as many as seven Earth-like planets

New insight to inform future NASA missions.

This protein is responsible for accurate cell division in plants

Inside cells are structures called microtubules, which act as highways for moving proteins and organelles. They're also critical for separating DNA after it has...

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