Characterization of a N-PSi@C electrode.

Ultrafast-charging Silicon-based anodes for Li-ion batteries

Fast charging rate and large energy storage are becoming key elements for the development of next-generation batteries, especially for high-performance electric vehicles. Developing electrodes...
Schematic illustration of the fabrication process of SnSe thin films.

Converting waste heat into electrical energy

Thermoelectric (TE) materials are popular because they enable energy conversion between heat and electricity. Those devices are made from materials that can convert a...
A schematic diagram of the matter-wave diffraction phenomenon in a periodic half-plane array.

Peering into the nanoworld with matter-wave diffraction

Sometimes, there is a negligible form of energy exists between the particles to emit a tremendous influence throughout. Such kind of forces that rules...
Left) At the beginning of the heat treatment, thin regions of well-aligned carbon atoms can be seen adjacent to the graphene layer that had been previously embedded in the polymer. (Right) High magnification images show layers of carbon atoms that have aligned parallel to the graphene.

Study introduces templated heating of carbon with graphene for high quality graphite

An international tea of scientists led by UNIST has recently discovered a novel approach for creating synthetic graphite with well-oriented crystallites. The discovery offers an...
The fabrication steps of GQD-hBN in-plane heterostructure based on hBN to graphene conversion catalysed by Pt NPs

Novel technology for highly ordered arrays of ‘graphene quantum dot’

UNIST scientists have developed a new technology that can potentially fabricate highly ordered of graphene quantum dot (GQD). Moreover, it could pave the way for...
Scientists turn carbon emissions into usable energy

Scientists turn carbon emissions into usable energy

Carbon emissions contribute to climate change, which can have serious consequences for humans and their environment. Carbon emissions, in the form of carbon dioxide,...
New class of solar cells, using lead-free perovskites material

New class of solar cells, using lead-free perovskites material

Lead-based perovskites are quite promising in applications of large-scale photovoltaic technology. However, toxicity is one of the crucial issues in these materials. In the search for Lead-free perovskite,...
Figure 1.(Left) Very high quality single crystal monolayer graphene was obtained on single crystal copper foil, and (right) multilayer graphene (from 2 to 10 layers) on a single crystal copper-nickel alloy foil. Figure 2. The research team contributed a model and theoretical calculations on ‘colossal grain growth’ that was observed and studied through experiments. Professor Shin drew attention to the importance of the initial ‘texture’ of the polucrystalline metal foils and the role this plays in colossal grain growth.

Novel method to produce defectless metal crystals of unprecedented size

A team of researchers at the Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials, within the Institute for Basic Science (IBS), has discovered a novel method to transform economical...
Researchers discover genetic profile in frogs to treat Arthritis

Researchers discover genetic profile in frogs to treat Arthritis

Articular cartilage is the smooth, white tissue that covers the ends of bones where they come together to form joints. Healthy cartilage in our...