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Synthesis of polypeptides and their importance. Polypeptides are made by chaining NCAs in various ways and have a wide variety of applications, such as drug carriers or drugs.

Basic-to-acidic flash switching for organic synthesis

The combination of polypeptides has colossal significance in numerous applications, including life-saving medications and drug carriers. Thus, the blend of pure N-carboxy anhydrides (NCAs)...
Figure (a) Copper and Copper Nitride. Figure (b) Theoretical Calculation for P-type and N-type Copper Nitride. Figure (c) Direct Observation of Fluorine Position in Fluorine-doped Copper Nitride. (a) An image of thin film copper plates before and after reacting with ammonia and oxygen. Copper metal has been transformed to copper nitride. (b) Copper insertion for an n-type semiconductor and fluorine insertion for a p-type semiconductor. (c) Nitrogen plotted in red, fluorine in green, and copper in blue. Fluorine is located at the open space of the crystal as predicted by the theoretical calculation.

High performance nitride semiconductor for eco-friendly photovoltaics

A Tokyo Institute of Technology explore group has indicated copper nitride goes about as an n-type semiconductor, with p-type conduction gave by fluorine doping,...
The microstructure of the Ru-NP catalyst Analysis using high-angle annular dark-field scanning transmission electron microscopy (HAADF-STEM) revealed: (a) small and flat ruthenium patches over a large domain and (b) the lattice spacing corresponding to that of face-centered-cubic ruthenium nanoparticles.

New ruthenium-based catalyst with highly active, flat surfaces outperforms metal-based competitors

Researchers in Japan and India have built up a reusable, superior catalyst in view of level formed ruthenium nanoparticles (Ru-NP) for the generation of...
An overview of the past, present, and future of research on remotely detectable biosignatures (Reprinted with permission from Astrobiology, published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., New Rochelle, NY.)

New strategies to discover life beyond Earth

Researchers currently think we might have the capacity to identify indications of life on planets beyond our solar system in the following couple of...
Development of large capacity wireless transmission technology

Ultra high-speed IC capable of wireless transmission of 100 gigabits per second

A collaboration of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation and Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed an ultra high-speed IC for wireless front-end that operates on a...

New 28-GHz transceiver paves the way for future 5G devices

The significance of wireless communication is clear in today's date, and in this manner, a ton of work has been done on 5G communications...