Heat to blame for Space Pebble’s demise

Why do pebbles pulverize after they leave the comet?

Webb detected little giants in the deep past

Baby quasars: Growing supermassive black holes.

Astronomers detail the oscillation of our giant neighbor

‘Radcliffe Wave’ is waving.

New link between water and planet formation revealed

Scientists have found water vapour in the disc around a young star exactly where planets may be forming.

Scientists identified carbon monoxide (CO)-runaway gap to identify habitable exoplanets

This gap is identified through atmospheric modeling.

Meteorite analysis: Earth’s building blocks contained water

Study combines meteorite data with thermodynamic modeling.

Astrophysical Chaos: What happens if you put a black hole into the Sun?

In a hypothetical scenario, small, primordial black holes could be captured by newly forming stars.

Sun emits most powerful solar flare since 2017

Strongest flare of the current solar cycle.

Aditya-L1’s SUIT captures full-disk images of the Sun

SUIT uses a variety of scientific filters.

Scientists have uncovered the physics behind stars’ superflares

Producing similar late-phase brightness.

The clearest picture of the Sun

Zooming into the Sun.

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