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Nuclear winter would threaten nearly everyone on Earth

Nuclear winter would threaten nearly everyone on Earth

The second study of its kind confirms extreme impacts from the U.S. vs. Russia nuclear war.
Air pollution may impact fetal cardiovascular system, study

Air pollution may impact fetal cardiovascular system, study

Exposure of the maternal environment to engineered nanomaterials (ENM) during pregnancy has been shown to impact the health of the dam, fetus, and adult...
The findings indicated significant changes in the smokers’ red-green and blue-yellow color vision and that heavy smokers had a reduced ability to discriminate contrasts and colors.

Heavy smoking can damage your vision, study

Everyone is aware that smoking is indeed bad for the health. Still, some people do it anyway. Smoking has been proven a cause of numerous...
This image shows how to make a personal heating patch from polyester fabric fused with tiny silver wires, using pulses of intense light from a xenon lamp. Image: Hyun-Jun Hwang and Rajiv Malhotra/Rutgers University-New Brunswick

High-tech heating patches: An energy-efficient way to stay warm

Rutgers scientists along with Oregon State University, have recently come up with an innovative way that helps you to stay warm. They have developed...
Coffee may combat two devastating brain diseases

Drinking coffee may combat two devastating brain diseases

A good cup of coffee in the morning can set the mood for your whole day. Whether you like it with milk and sugar, lots...
Jorge Serrador with the electrical stimulator he developed, which improved balance in 100 percent of the veterans with Gulf War Illness who wore it. CREDIT Photo: Nick Romanenko, Rutgers University

New device improves balance in veterans with Gulf War Illness

Gulf War Syndrome, also known as Gulf War illnesses (GWI), comprises myriad complex symptoms and illnesses. GWI affects approximately 200,000 veterans of the 650,000...
Parts of New Jersey and New York with 8 feet of sea-level rise. An almost 8-foot rise is possible by 2100 under a worst-case scenario, according to projections. The light-blue areas show the extent of permanent flooding. The bright green areas are low-lying. CREDIT NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer

Global sea level could rise 50 feet by 2300, study

Since the start of the century, global average sea-level has risen by about 0.2 feet. A new study suggests that it could rise by nearly...
Reiner Gamma, the most famous lunar swirl

Scientists discovered the origin of the mysterious pattern on Moon’s surface

Scientists at the Rutgers University in collaboration with the University of California Berkeley have finally uncovered the mystery behind lunar swirls, one of the solar...
Why and how you forget passwords?

Why and how you forget passwords?

People tend to use several websites every day, and it is a hassle to remember such a multitude of information, particularly something as significant...