Rice University

Harnessing electrons to make synthetic dimensions

Rice University lab manipulates ultracold Rydberg atoms to mimic quantum interactions.

New insect species discovered

It’s barely a millimeter long and spends 11 months of the year locked in a crypt.

Improving MRIs with modern simulations

Engineers find more efficient models to analyze contrast agents that find disease.

A better estimate of the amount of carbon in the Earth’s outer core

The work suggests the core could be the planet’s largest reservoir of that element.

A thermoelectric generator on fabric turn heat into power

Flexible thermoelectric generators could be a useful way to make carbon ‘green’.

Rewarding can boost employees’ creativity, study

Enhancing employee creativity.

Leaders who encourage their employees to learn have more resilient teams

Uncovering the important role of leadership and employee voice in the resilience process.

Jiggling of molecules could have implications for carbon nanotube fibers

It causes nanotubes to mimic each other.

Increased internet-access spending improves academic outcomes

A study of 9,000 Texas public schools.

Physicists discovered the Hall effect in a nonmagnetic quantum material

The study opens a window into the landscape of extreme topological matter.

Where did Earth’s nitrogen come from? Study finds the answer

Rice-led study shows two distinct origins of life-essential elements on the present-day planet.

The study offers clues on what makes the sun’s atmosphere so hot

Scientists get the lowdown on sun’s super-hot atmosphere.

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