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Plastic pollution

Lasers could help solve the world’s plastic problem

This discovery has significant implications for addressing environmental challenges.

Scientists detected 23 types of microplastics in the testicular tissue

This finding raises more concerns over the potential impact of microplastics.

The impact of microplastics on the Galápagos Islands Food Web

And excretion rate may determine whether or not these microplastics also bioaccumulate across trophic levels.

Up to 11 million tonnes of plastic pollution is sitting on the ocean floor

Ocean floor a 'reservoir' for plastic pollution, world-first study finds.

Using artificial photosynthesis to create biodegradable plastics

The system doubles the efficiency of fumaric acid production.

Paper drinking straws may be Harmful and may not be better for the environment

Long-lasting forever chemicals, which can cause damaging health issues, found in 18/20 brands of paper straws.

Wood dust-based filter removes up to 99.9% of microplastics from water

The filter traps virtually all microplastic particles present in water.

Plastic-eating fungi thriving in plastisphere offer exciting possibilities for tackling global waste

Unique ecological niche identified for the first time dubbed ‘terrestrial plastisphere’.

Plasticosis: Scientists found a new disease in birds caused by consuming plastic

While these birds can look healthy on the outside, they're not doing well on the inside.

Rapid and Unprecedented increase in ocean plastic since 2005 revealed

A global dataset of ocean plastic pollution between 1979 and 2019 reveals a rapid and unprecedented increase in ocean plastics since 2005, according to...

AWI researchers have analyzed the origins of plastic debris in the Arctic

The findings show that even prosperous industrialised countries make significant contributions.

New 100% biodegradable paper straws that do not become soggy

Biodegradable, water-resistant, anti-fizzing, polyester nanocellulose composite paper straws.

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