Producing food without sunshine using artificial Photosynthesis

Developing more energy efficient food production using artificial photosynthesis on Earth which will also be possible on Mars one day.

Photosynthesis in Venus’ clouds could support life

The possible suitability of Venus’ clouds for microbial life, and constraints that may prohibit life.

Ancient origins of photosynthesis: Revealing the mysteries

Evolutionary ‘molecular clock’ experiment to reveal origins of photosynthesis.

Plant communication: A new device can talk to plants

Opening the door to new technologies that make use of plants.

Earth’s atmospheric oxygen will last for another billion years

The fundamental timescale of the oxygen-rich atmosphere on Earth remains uncertain.

MIT scientists proposed a way to grow certain plant tissues in lab

Could lab-grown plant tissue ease the environmental toll of logging and agriculture?

A new spin on metal-organic frameworks

An energy transfer process that mimics photosynthesis could help to extract more power from sunlight.

Some green plant species get carbon from their root fungi

Photosynthesis is the process through which plants nourish themselves. In this process, plants use solar energy to convert water and atmospheric carbon dioxide into...

Capturing carbon dioxide to make useful products could become big business

Waste carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels could be used to make valuable products.

Plants are currently absorbing more CO2 to slow down climate change

Global climate change caused by CO 2 emissions can stress terrestrial vegetation, potentially decreasing production. On the other hand, CO 2 interacts directly with...

How green plants expand their capacity to use solar energy?

Green plants catch light that traverses the obvious sun based range and keeping in mind that a wide otherworldly range is required for adequate...

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